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“Bob... creates an inspired environment where people perform to world class standards. He’s been our secret weapon when we’ve performed at our best.” - Jim Arena, Program Manager, Juniper Networks
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“Among an incredible number of outstanding team and individual efforts during the past six months, you stand out…” - Carly Fiorina, former CEO Hewlett Packard

Many thanks for the time, effort and support you put into the workshop. As you have heard from many of the team members – it was the best training they have attended." - Kat Tiano, Customer Business Manager, HP

“Bob is an extraordinary consulting partner. He has a unique and compelling ability to step into the shoes of his clients and provide powerful insights as to the path forward..." - Marilyn Martiny, Program Director, Cisco
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Sadler Consulting provides corporate executive coaching, training and development, allowing friction-free leadership through authentic communication.

The Executive Presence Workshop improves executive performance and team flow with a unique combination of exercises and coaching.  Our workshop provides a supportive, penalty-free place for executives to demonstrate current communication capabilities and to discover ways to be more present, likable, authentic and compelling.  The workshop addresses all levels of executive interaction….phone conferences, one on one discussions, small group meetings, pitches and speeches.   more than 20 techniques concerning voice, gesture, posture, body movement, improvisation, stage management, and narrative structure.  The objective is to give each participant a jump start in using at least two techniques that, once mastered, would make a major improvement.  Individual feedback is supported with video recording and editing so that each participant can review his/her own performance.  We also provide a workbook.
Bob Sadler is the developer of this methodology and delivers the workshop.  Bob has over 40 successful years as a community and management consultant…including 20 years with KPMG Consulting, Ernst & Young Consulting and Cap Gemini.  He has delivered change leadership coaching on major engagements such as the privatization of National Power in the UK, the implementation of SAP at Nestle’, and the HP/Compaq merger. Bob occasionally works with preferred partners when there is a need to expand the scope of the workshop.
Our clients prefer to keep travel costs to a minimum and provide a training or conference room.  We can arrange a room away from the organization when it makes sense to be offsite.  We also have a great site in Monterey, CA on Cannery Row that we often use.
The optimal workshop runs two consecutive days from 9-5 with an hour off for lunch each day.  We have successfully divided the days into two one-day events separated by as much as a month.  We have also delivered half day briefings that give prospective clients an opportunity to better understand the value and learn some technique as well. Most clients have also ordered one day refresher workshops for alumni about two months from the original workshop.
We’ve successfully delivered workshops with five to thirty participants.  The ideal number is twelve participants.  The reason is that we like to coach every person in the workshop one on one with the other participants acting as the audience and a feedback mechanism.  With fewer than ten participants, the feedback loop is diminished.  With more than twelve, the amount of personal coaching time is diminished.  With more than eighteen, some participant won’t get much individual coaching at all; nonetheless, a few clients have decided to take this training down through the lower management ranks and are applying this workshop to thirty participants in order to make it cost effective at that level and scale.  Even at that scale, the value of this workshop is very high.
We like to start with the executive suite and cascade downward.  Much of the material we teach is counter-intuitive and tier 2 and tier 3 executives want to know if “ the boss” supports what we’re teaching.  Generally, we are working with CXO’s, VP’s and Directors.  We have been equally successful with a few lower levels of management.
Yes.  We think executive development is more powerful and sustainable in a supportive group of peers but will conduct individual coaching when when an executive can’t work with a group.
Privacy Policy: this website retains no personally identifying information. The contact form generates a standard email sent directly to Robert Sadler, and once sent, nothing is retained by the site. If you have any privacy concerns, please contact Robert Sadler.
I’d be delighted to hear from you, and actually prefer direct phone calls. You can reach me at (415) 601-0754, or you can email me using the contact form, below.

Here is all my contact information:

Robert Sadler
Sadler Consulting
409 Congress Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

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